Welcome to the iDigitU Project

For the cut-the-cord, total personal freedom - wireless generation!  The iDigitU App is "The": state-of-the-art Smart-Phone Application client for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Subscriber Aggregated - Cloud based Mobile-Phone Directory known as the "iDigitU TM Storm".

According to CTIA-The Wireless Association®; as of June 2012, there were over 321 million wireless service subscribers. Thats 321,716,905 wireless subscribers and no publicly recognized subscriber directory - Until Now!!!

By downloading the iDigitU App.; you will be able to execute FREE* from your mobile-phone, searches of the iDigitU mobile directory. Search by Name, Mobile-number [reverse searches], by Area-Code/Prefix and by Geographical Area. Searches by Occupation and Business will also become available, as Subscribers participate in those services.

The FREE* iDigitU App. has been released and is available at the Android Market.

- keeping the wireless world connected!
* (The Free Version iDigitU App. is now available for download from the Android Market. There are no fees associated with it's use. As the Subscriber Database matures and becomes fully implemented a Retail Version may be released for those Subscribers wishing to take advantage of advanced Personal and/or Business features and services. The Free Version of the iDigitU App is the backbone of the service and will continue to function after the Retail Version release (so get it while it's Free). The Personal Retail Version iDigitU App will have an estimated Annual subscription fee of only $2.99 U.S. The subscription fees for the Personal and Corporate Business (Retail Only) Versions are yet to be determined. Prior to full iDigitU Database implementation, search results may expectantly be sketchy.)